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An opportunity  to work in the Falklands  for John and I’ve jumped at the chance too. I’m hoping its an opportunity to create some space for an even more creative life. Living by the sea is one of my dreams. It gives me energy and like a light bulb switching on, I find I can create all sorts of stuff. We’ll live in a decluttered world of penguins and sheep.

Over the next year I’ll travel to and from the Falklands and aim to visit a few more countries in South America.

Work’s never been busier and I’ll have a hectic first few weeks of 2017 and I’ll be back to work on a few key projects thought the year. I suspect the space I can create next year will also feed my energy for my work which is a passion.

You know about my blog because you are a friend and may also be a family member. Keep in touch and let me know your news because hearing from you will make a huge difference to me and to John.