Getting Fit

12 weeks to get myself ready for the Falklands and the many walks I intend to take. Delighted to be back in the gym. Not my best look. Will post with progress updates. Well its Boxing Day and as you can imagine terrible damage to the regimen. Morning walk with brother in law won’t make a bit of difference to my waist but great for my spirit.

A special place

One thought on “Getting Fit”

  1. Hi Rita lovely to get a card and your contact details. Wow The Falkland Islands and for 8 months. How exciting ! Looking forward to updates on your blog . I’m just back from Italy and Switzerland . Mark and I went away with the boys for 1 week in Switzerland sandwiched between 2 weeks in Italy. Unfortunately badly injured my knee skiing and so for the second half of the holiday I had crutches . Venice on crutches is tricky. Michael has finished school now and is having a gap year and Daniel starting senior school this year. Bye for now, love Monika


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