London life

I’ve been back in London now for nearly 3 weeks. The time is flying and I’m having fun meeting people, spending time with family and having access to the many things not available to me in my new home. I’m also loving the work I am doing and the people I work with. I realise that work is a very important part of me.

So, the food I’m most enjoying here includes seafood and chicken. Last night’s dinner was a medley of fresh vegetables with some slow cooked chicken. I haven’t found any fresh chicken in the Falklands and I don’t bother with the frozen stuff.  When in the FI, Monday to Thursday, we now eat mostly vegetarian food in an attempt to minimise the amount of red meat we might otherwise consume. Whilst here, with easy (and cheap) internet, I’ve been picking up recipes for when I return. Tonight I will have chicken and crayfish, rocket and mango salad and tomorrow its fresh prawns. At the weekend I enjoyed some fresh scallops followed by Halibut with a pea and samphire puree. I love cooking with my nephew because he’s a risk taker. I questioned how fresh peas and samphire pureed might be and he suggested I go for it – ‘whats the worst that can happen?’ he asked.  Truly Delicious!

I love my office space and my kitchen table is great to work out a design.  We’ve always known our house would be too big once our parents no longer needed the space, but we’ve grown into the extra rooms. I have 2 offices and John has 1. In my second office I’ve given a corner to make a creative space. Its where my quilt and cookery books live.


I love the walk along the river to Hammersmith or the other way to Barnes Bridge. Seeing the river here is a little like looking out from my bedroom to the sea in Stanley. We don’t have a full view but between houses and over trees we finally get to see the glimmer of water.

Its harder to get used to the planes waking me every morning. In conversation with friends yesterday we discussed the point at which you become immune to the noise.   Well, after 13 years they still wake me every morning.

It feels to me as if London is a little edgy at the moment, understandably so. I see acts of kindness on the tube or on trains but I also see angry people from time to time. Possibly they’re scared and need to feel in control or maybe they’ve had a bad day. On the roads, people run through red lights frequently that demonstrates a sense of entitlement. That sense of entitlement is abundant and people blame others for situations – I try not do do this but I don’t always succeed. Today I commit to to taking more responsibility!

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