Its almost Springtime…

I cant tell you how much I am looking forward to returning to the Falkland Islands. Spending time with John is my no.1 priority and I can’t wait to catch up, chill out and have the ‘craic’ with him.

I have also met some amazing people who I miss, so a Prosecco afternoon tea will be shared with a dear friend and who knows, as Spring approaches, I may well indulge in a few coffee mornings.

The last few days of August will be about me returning and checking out my home and doing a bit of nesting (in keeping with the wildlife). Spring begins on 1st September and that brings with it the return of the Gentoo and the Megallenic penguins who will start nest building. An array of wildlife return over the next few months and you can check out what you can see at different times here. Alternatively just check my blog as I will regularly post photos.

On this UK trip,  I learned how to book-bind and on Saturday I treated myself to some new tools which means I will have to practice my new skills.  It was pure happenstance that a lovely woman in the Falklands told me about a course she attended in Southampton whilst she was waiting for medical support. Sometimes you have to go a long way to find the best of teachers and Catherine is definitely that. She runs an amazing company and is a truly vibrant and creative woman who just exudes warmth. I had a fantastic day with her and it’s already a treasured memory. Lets hope I can recall enough of what was taught, to put my new tools to good use. Hopefully there will be others who are keen to have a go.

Besides the socialising, rebonding and crafting  I will be getting out and about to see all the new wildlife. I’ve now healed from my fall which means I can have greater confidence going to the various sites. The flights are a bit unpredictable but I believe mine will be on time which means I have to get my packing done quickly because the expected 24 hour delay will not now happen. I will miss my lovely UK friends and family but look forward to a great big celebration later this year.

One thought on “Its almost Springtime…”

  1. It was great to catch up and do some really fun stuff with you in London the Road is still resonating with me. I have managed to get tickets to Minefields later this year thanks for the recommendation. Hope you have a good trip back and enjoy the next part of your journey in FI. I am looking forward to seeing the progress in your book binding!


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