Where did that year go?

I can’t quite believe that its only 4 weeks until I return to the UK. My first appointment is on 13th March. Whilst I am looking forward to it and to working with amazing people, I can’t help feeling just a little bit sad about the fact that this year has flown by so quickly. A bit of me wishes I could start the year again.

I’ve made some new friends and I hope we will remain in contact for the rest of my life. They have definitely enriched my stay on the Falkland Islands and I hope to host each of them one day in the UK.

With only 4 weeks left,  how should I best use my time? Packing, worrying, deciding what to keep and what to sell, rushing around to buy gifts for people in UK? No, I think I will use it to do what a very good friend suggested ‘use the time to lay down memories’.

So, that, my dear friends, is what I intend to do. Yesterday I spent time with an amazing group of women, knitting, nattering and stitching. Today, I will hang out with two very creative women and we may do some knitting or we may just natter. I will then meet a woman who is travelling around the islands on her own and she will join me and John for supper here – assuming she survives Volunteer Point.  Then this weekend more catch ups and, in-between times, some sewing and crafting. I’ve been very busy doing all sorts of things I never knew I could or wanted to do. Photos to follow.

I love the islands and I love the people. I find many of the local people – Falkland Islanders – are my favourites. It is  a rich pool of people drawn from different parts who live here and are creating one of the richest countries in the world (per capita GDP).

Things I’ve managed to do whilst here? Well, they include:

  1. Starting to write my novel. I have a fab writing coach and this year we moved from doing exercises to getting on with it. I am enjoying the porjecss and have a deadline for publication which is 20.02.20 I thought it an auspicious date but who knows it may take longer or be ready earlier we will see what the next few months allows.
  2. Doing yoga or pilates daily. I also now try to do TaiChi regularly and I move ‘a lot’. I haven’t lost any more weight but I feel good and well and happy. I may have to give in and accept that I will be fat forever but at least I can do a good downward dog and have reasonably good balance and flexibility. Stamina is still work in progress.
  3. Flexitarian – apparently thats what we’ve become. We are not vegetarian but we follow a vegetarian diet for some of most weeks. The difficulty in getting fresh chicken and fresh fish here started our journey into eating veg only meals. Its possibly something we will discontinue when we get home to the UK and when choice is greater.
  4. Sewing, knitting and all sorts of crafting have become a way of life for me. I love the wondrous things I see people make here. I love that one of my friends spends so much time and effort spinning, dyeing and weaving her wool. Its a work of love and the output is beautiful, skilful and joyous to see. I can’t wait to start using some of her wool when I get back to the UK.
  5. Joining groups is something I’ve never really done in the UK as I find myself a bit awkward in such situations, but I love it. I love the sense of community you get from meeting people on a regular basis. Particularly when you share a common interest. I will miss the groups here but hope to see some people when we are back in the UK. I will also seek out similar groups in London to connect with.
  6. Wildlife, birds, botany, geology are all of interest to me but I have learnt so much more whilst living here.  I have met some awesome scientists whilst staying here and I hope to follow their progress through social media but I can also attend events in the UK and get more interested in my local geology. I have always enjoyed living by the river and the abundant wildlife we see I will be rejoining Wetlands centre in Barnes and attending more of their talks and walks. I feel so very lucky to have that on my doorstep.
  7. Relaxed, read books, allowed time to read books and time to have a coffee and a chat whenever the opportunity presented itself. I really hope I can keep that sense of relaxation and allow myself time to sit and read or just sit and chat over a coffee. So anyone reading this who fancies a chat, lets make a date.
  8. I learnt to bake cakes – now this is something I am very happy to leave in the Falkland Islands. I am too fat to eat cake and to be honest I don’t really like cake that much. I have however had some amazing cakes whilst here. I am grateful to everyone who baked for me but when you visit me in the UK, do not expect me to bake you a cake! We have great shops that do it much better than I can 😉

I’ll miss the islands but I still have 4 weeks to further explore – its summer – a friend arrives tomorrow – the packing can wait for a while longer!




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