Leaving the islands behind for now

Since March, when my sabbatical finally ended, I’ve been busy. There’s not much time to do nothing which was something I learnt to do and loved.

On arriving back John and I took a long hard look at the house and realised that it needed a bit of an update and to better reflect and support the life we now intend to follow. It means we need to declutter and to repurpose different rooms. Its hard work letting go of things that have been around me for most of my adult life, things like my work text books or an array of novels that I wouldn’t reread but like to own. My niece recommended an app that you use to scan a book, cd or dvd to see if it has any value. One book I liked but won’t reread was worth £5 to the app so its in the box to be sent off.

Harder still are the shoes and clothes that I once loved but no longer use and most likely will never again. I find clothes decluttering hardest and when I have done it I sometimes get clothes grief. Recently I looked through cupboards for a a top and realised I gave it charity years ago, but now its back in fashion I rather fancied giving it a go. These few occurrences can shake my resolve but I am determined to remove more clothes, shoes and bags.

I felt sad that John didn’t see more of the islands when we lived there. His job took priority and I totally understood and respected that. He did get to see Stanley and  Mare Harbour and to experience the awesome drive between the two, most days. But because of that I was determined to cover as much ground as possible when planning our trip to Canada. I love British Columbia and recommend that everyone goes there at least once. If you only go to one place then go to Jasper and do the drive between Jasper and Banff. We had 5 bear sightings on that road and loads of other wildlife (I will post some photos later this month). We saw lakes, walked up and down mountains, spent time in the snow and in the sun, in museums and just out chatting with locals.

It was spectacular and we had the most amazing adventure with the exception of the Rocky Mountaineer. Anyone thinking of paying the extortionate price for a couple of days on the Mountaineer; think again. Its a terrible waste of money unless you are unable to walk or drive in which case its a good way to see some great scenery.

I still follow the Falkland Islands Community pages and love to see how the weather changes and how people are doing. The islands will forever be a part of me and I hope to see them again soon, but for now the rest of the world awaits and future posts will track where I rove.

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