Holding myself to account!


Its April and we are into the second quarter of 2019. This is an epic year for me for many reasons but I find myself caught in the same patterns I displayed in 1979! Whilst I have managed to change some of the patterns that really weren’t working for me there are 3 things I need to address and whilst I have made a start I am still falling back into old habits. So I thought it might be time to make a list of the things I intend to do this year, starting today.

UnknownWrite for 1 hour every day – now when should I do this? Complete a first draft of the outline and structures for chapters in my book by end June 19. My book is about a sad woman who finds joy saving children. Why I want to write it is more complex: its about changing perceptions about fat people. As a fat woman I’ve had quite a bit of body shaming over the years and some of it from people I thought were very close friends. At this stage of life it doesn’t matter so much to me any more but it did and if my book helps one young woman stick two fingers up to a body-shamer then I will feel the time spent writing is worth it. 

woman practicing tai chi lifestyle at sunset Gym every Monday and Wednesday at 7am and possibly one more session  or walk 10000 steps every day – I was doing really well on this until I started to work nearly full time. Walking and using my laptop don’t really go together. I also want to rekindle my passion for yoga and Tai Chi. My motivation here is quite simple and needs little explanation: it is to age well.

Stop watching Murder she Wrote and Columbo! Over my several years on this planet I have probably seen every single episode of MsW and nearly all of the Columbos. Whilst I love the characters and my brain rests as I watch them bumble along, This is important to me so I can start to leave the past behind me – at least some of the past. I would really like to create characters I loved to spend time with every day.

Oh, and I’m still working on my 60 by 60 but its slow going. Always happy to meet with friends to give an update in person.

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