The Ferret – a short story

‘Come on Sam, hurry up or we won’t get lunch.’  

I march out of the school gates towards the station and after about 50 yards I turn left into Greenway Road. Sam is following but she is a good bit behind me. I am wearing my navy blue skirt which I hitch up above me knees. My white socks are pushed down into my shoes and I have my best brogues on. There’s not much I can do to the shirt, to make it look better I remove my tie and open the first three buttons. When Sam catches up, she makes me stop so she can roll down her socks and hitch her skirt. Its a uniform we wish we could wear everyday but the nuns do not approve of knees and ankles. With our ties in our pocket and our arms linked we walk quickly towards home. Mum is making us a chicken pie.

We turn into Resway Drive and a man walks towards us. I can’t quite make out the features on his face so I give him the once over and I notice a large bulge in his trousers. Maybe it’s his wallet! As he walks towards us, I notice a weird grin crawling across his face. 

As he gets closer, the bulge in his trousers grows larger and travels down his trouser leg. I wonder if there is a ferret in his trousers; I saw something like that once on Opportunity Knocks.  He is so close now, I can see that it’s not moving like an animal it’s like a long frenchstick that goes from his bum to his knee. I am tempted to reach out and touch it, but instead, I look away. 

Sam screams with laughter and we run to the end of the road.  

‘What was that?” I ask Sam. 

‘I think it’s his penis!’ She nearly passes out from laughing.

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