Its an emotive subject which causes rifts in relationships. Many people post their whole life online and don’t understand others who refuse to join any social media networks. I have friends who will never join Facebook or Instagram and now it seems they may have protected themselves more than people like me who freely joined various sites.

If you refuse to have your photo taken for a post or to allow people to film or photograph your home it can cause a problem. If you don’t explain your reasons then people can be offended but I wonder if they stopped for just a moment and thought about it would things be different?

We can all make mistakes with privacy. I am inquisitive, its part of my job to ask questions and to dig deep, sometimes the boundary between work and social conversations blur. I may ask a question and as its coming out of my mouth I feel it may be too personal so I try to catch myself and say ‘you don’t have to answer that’. When I don’t realise I have overstepped the line, someone may say ‘I can’t answer that’ I realise I have hit a boundary and I don’t probe further.

Recently I had to request privacy without offering an explanation and it has caused outrage in someone I like. I have no intention of explaining myself and I simply said ‘NO’. This is unusual behaviour for me, I always try to say yes, and in the cases where I have to say no, I find a million reasons to explain it.

Sometimes though, No means NO.


What are the reasons that someone may need privacy? Well, it could be avoidance of a stalker, or  fear of an abusive relationship you escaped some time ago, or …. There are lots of reasons and they are, yes you got it, they are private.  It really doesn’t matter what the reason is, we need to better respect others’ privacy.


So, when someone requests privacy, just say YES!


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