So you want to see the world?

Well its about as far away from home as can be and I’m really looking forward to visiting and living on the Falkland Islands. I will no doubt make some mistakes along the way but I hope to meet some amazing people and to enjoy time in this beautiful, if sometimes harsh part of the world. I’ll be keeping friends and family updated on our adventures. This website has a series of blogs on things that interest me. If you want to know about anything else or to come and visit then make contact by emailing ritaroving@gmail.com

The things that interest me include:

Experiencing the Falkland islands, meeting people, learning as much as I can and sharing some of that with you.

5 Species of Penguins. Wildlife and in particular penguins are a passion. I wont be able to resist posting the odd photo or two.

Reading the various books written by Falklanders.

Crafting using the wonderful wool which seems to be abundant. I’m a pretty poor knitter but I want to learn more and will share projects. Hopefully, friends who have an interest in this type of thing can comment and offer me support and constructive feedback.

Writing I am now officially going to become a fledgling author. I’ve already started a novel and its bloody hard work. I doubt I will ever have anything worth publishing but with vanity publishing I can subject you all to my very poor prose. In this blog I hope to share the journey and the occasional snippet.

While in the Falkland Islands I look more like this: