My mother encouraged me to have pursue a professional career rather than developing domestic prowess. Living in Paris I learnt to cook but I never tackled sewing. I used to chat to my sister in law about fabric and quilting and it was a birthday gift from her that moved me to action. I signed up for several classes where the friendly chatter, the beautiful fabrics, the ease of learning new patterns and projects captivated me. Bags, quilts, yoga bags, cushion covers and table mats are the result. On this page I will post about completed projects and updates.

Fabric.      I love fabric, texture and sheer pleasure of making something for another person to enjoy. So far my crafting has focused on patchwork and working with a wonderful woman who uses a Long Arm quilting machine turning my patchwork into beautiful quilts. Being bashful about crafting isn’t sensible and I know my quilts won’t please people who like the sludgy colours. I love vibrant colour and being able to mix a palette of colours feels like magic to me. On this page I will post some of my completed projects. On the blog page I will post information about projects as I work on them. I will share some of the problems I encounter. I will also ask for opinions there or on my Facebook page. Thank you for reading this far.

Paper.    I’ve always loved paper, all forms, books, pictures, magazines, notebooks and writing paper. there are so many wonderful crafts I could learn here but for now I will restrict myself to collages – there is a drop down page on collages here.

Wool.   The Falklands has some of the best wool in the world. I am really looking forward to completing some old and starting some new projects which I will blog about so check out the blog page here.