News from the Falkland Islands

It is Thursday 7th November 2019 and I don’t know where the time has gone since I last posted on this news page. The news about the Falkland Islands is a little upsetting for those living there. Argentina is still rattling a sabre and if the UK people vote Jeremy Corbyn in then there are fears that Argentina will get its way. Read this news here!



Its 21st June 2017 and its Mid Winter day. Lots going on in the Falklands over the winter months.

We had the 35th liberation day anniversary last week and 2 days later a team from the International Red Cross arrived on the islands to start DNA testing of Argentine remains in the Darwin Cemetery. This is very important work and it will eventually support the many families who lost sons to grieve knowing the location of their burial. See the article here in the local newspaper Penguin news. 

Since arriving I have met several people who’ve explained their experiences during the conflict. One young mother of four children, terrified for their safety, still recalls the day an Argentine helicopter landed on her farm. This conflict is still raw for many islanders. This visit sparked an array of comments. Next week will be an interesting time on the islands.

In the meantime Argentina is rattling cages...

An overview of different aspects of life on the Falklands. The recent talks with Argentina didn’t make the regular news channels in the UK.  Updates such as the one below, can be found in Penguin News which is the Falkland’s weekly newsletter. Also check out the BBC webpages if you want to know more about the islands and the earlier conflict.

Something about the UN, Argentina and the Falkland Islands Telegraph article March 2016

A later article on discussions appeared in  The Guardian September 2016