Volunteer Point

Volunteer point is difficult to find and it requires about 4 hours overland driving.  Once there,  you can wander and meet some interesting inhabitants. No one knows why these Kind Penguins made it home but they seem very happy living alongside Megallenic Penguins and an array of tiny birds who play in the sand. If you are lucky enough to visit, the locals ignore you if you leave them to go about their business. They jostle, fight and make a terrible racket. They are however some of the most beautiful and intriguing things I’ve ever seen. It’s the first time I’ve seen King Penguins but it won’t be the last. Even my trip to Antarctica couldn’t provide a view of these lovely chaps! All I needed to do was come here. The Falkland Islands start to reveal treasures to me and I am mesmerised. Enjoy my photos and, from the luxury of your home,  travel with me to these magical places and meet the local wildlife.